5RS | Bi-Weekly | 2x Vanilla | No BPWipe
Rank 667
Game Rust
Status Offline
Website https://play.5rs.co
Players 0
Votes 0
All-time Votes 0
Uptime 0%
Last Check Auto server checking is disabled. Server has been offline for over a month. Server owner must manually enable!
Country United States
Types GatherLootActive Admins2xPvP
Owner finnalandem
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Welcome to 5RS | The Official 5150 Rust Server

We created a Rust server of our own years ago and are getting back to our roots!

What we offer:

✔ Bi-Weekly
✔ Active Admins
✔ 2x Resources
✔ Furnace Sorter
✔ Furnace Splitter
✔ Guarded Crates
✔ Raid Protection
✔ Gather Manager
✔ Better Loot

We are striving to create a growing community of Rust player, with the idea that we can increase our server size over time with the growth of the player base.

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