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Rank 1607
Game Rust
Status Offline
Players 0
Votes 0
All-time Votes 134
Uptime 0%
Last Check Auto server checking is disabled. Server has been offline for over a month. Server owner must manually enable!
Country France
Types CustomModdedZombiesGatherPVE
Owner badgyver

BADBOYS is a well-balance, high-performance modded server that offers players a fast-paced zombie-shooter with emphasis on survival and pregression in a ghastly atmosphere.

• Player and building damage disable.
• Wipes only when forced.
• Active admins and very helpful community.
• Decay is active at a low rate to discourage huge bases.
• Inactive players removed after 7 days of inactivity.

• Zombies - Our custom AI will surely keep you on your toes.
• TP - Teleportation is disabled for a better survival experience.
• Auto Upgrade - Upgrade your base automatically via cupboard.
• Fishing - Advanced fishing mechanics, tools and resources.
• Sorter - Sort items in containers and furnaces with a click of a button.
• Revive - Revive to restore your last position leading up to death, at a cost.
• Trade - Trade with other players remotely in the comford of your own base.
• Stack+ - All item stacks are increased to remove the tedium of storing them.
• Backpack - An additional inventory that can be accessed at any time.
• Levenls - Gain XP from farming to increase your farming efficiency.

Use /HELP in chat for a full list of commands and helpful information.

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