Special Raid Forces
Rank 1650
Game Rust
Status Offline
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All-time Votes 2
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Last Check Auto server checking is disabled. Server has been offline for over a month. Owner must manually enable the auto checking.
Country Netherlands
Types VanillaPvPFriendlyEvents
Owner PapaSmurf
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Welcome to our Rust Server
Click >>> steam://connect/vitalautomation:28015 to connect to our server.
This month we run a procedural map.
We Map wipe monthly. The Server is set to Full PVP.
There is no upkeep so you can build big.
Normally the blueprint wipe will be every 2 month.
This month there is no Blueprint wipe.
The server will restart every day at 5 AM GMT+2
- Do not Grief bases after raiding them:
- Leave doors unlocked after the raid.
- The toolcuboard must be cleared.
- Leave no traps behind.

Plugins for everyone:
NoFuelRequirements, SignArtist, ServerRewards, DeepWater.
NoFuelRequirements does affect Tuna can Lights and Minerhats.
SignArtist you can use this by looking at a sign and type the command in chat
/sil "https://i.imgur.com/yourpicture.png".
ServerRewards type /s in game and you see the shop.
DeepWater spawns a rig in the sea which has good loot and some challenge.

In order to get full advantage of the Special Raid Forces Rust experience become a member.
you can do that by typing in game chat /dc join .
Member Plugins are:
Taxi, Bounty, Mymini

the Taxi plugin you can use when standing near a road and type /taxi in chat. For some scrap the NPCtaxi will bring just about anywhere on the map.

/bounty -- Display the Bounty help menu
/bounty add items -- Place a bounty on a player by using items deposited into the box