Zone Exceed Gaming
Rank 98
Game Rust
Status Online
Discord Click to join
Players 1/150
Votes 14
All-time Votes 167
Uptime 100%
Last Check 1 minute(s) ago
Country Germany
Types KitsEventsSkinsModdedCustom
Owner ZoneX
Report Server Report Server

2 Times Gather Rate, 3 Times Gather Rate for Quarries and Giant Excavator.

Skin box to re skin items.

Teleport 5 homes 10 TP to other people

People are able to trade with each other.

Kits including starter kit when people spawn.

Diesel Fuel spawn in fuel crates.

Sulfur gather rate 2 times

Blueprint Share with Clan/Team members.

Building Grades, people are able to up their building structures.

2 Extra Seats for the mini copter.

People are able to spawn their own Mini Copter.

People are able to create clans.

Always clear weather.

QuickSmelt and Furnace auto Sorting.

People can remove structures.

NPC spawns at events, and Scientist have been replaced with smarter NPCs

Personal Helicopter, call Attack Heli on yourself.

Skills plugin to make your character better.

Scientist removed, changed for smarter NPC's

ServerName: [EU] Zone Exceed Gaming | 2x Gather | Skills | Backpack | TP |

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