Perseverance 2x Solo/Duo/Trio Bi-weekly
Rank 1556
Game Rust
Status Offline
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All-time Votes 60
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Country United States
Types SoloDuoEventsActive AdminTrio
Owner CaptainNebulous
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This is a modded 2X gather (scrap included) server who's goal is to make sure the players are having fun and frequently have stuff to do in the game. There have been several timed events added to the usual events. There are several quality-of-life modifications for both player-use and server back-end. Forests are dense and the farming/mining is plentiful. In our loot tables we have removed much of the garbage and replaced them with better items, components and electronics. On occasion you may encounter a pack of zombies roaming the map, but don't worry head shots do the trick! And they drop some decent T1 items. Like keeping your vehicles? You can claim them and add much stronger decay protection by having them inside and/or close to a TC. Speaking of TC, in this server upkeep is only 50% as costly as vanilla. Also non-raid crafting speed is 2X and smelting speed is 2X. There is also improved stacksizes on several early and mid game items.

Events we have added include the Junkyard Event, Sputnik, Plane Crash, Dangerous Treasures, and Meteors... with more to come! Server design has been carefully planned, tested, and executed by an experienced admin who has run gaming servers for 8 years. Plugins/Mods and configuration are done with consideration to game balance.

Admins on this server do not play, PVP, raid, farm, etc.

We will actively be monitoring the server both in-game and from the back-end. You may see us from time to time but we will not interfere.

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