[EU]Atlantis 10x|Raids|Zombies|Minimap
Rank 2314
Game Rust
Status Offline
IP suomi3.net9.fi:27114
Website https://atlantisserver.fi/
Discord Click to join
Players 0
Votes 0
All-time Votes 1
Uptime 0%
Last Check Auto server checking is disabled. Server has been offline for over a month. Server owner must manually enable!
Country Finland
Types KitsModdedEventsSkinsPvP
Owner Bizzik
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[i]Harder difficulty PVP server with amazing admins. The players’ feedback is going to strongly influence how we develop Atlantis. We have a carefully selected admin roster whose aim is to keep the game experience as smooth as possible.

We have given a lot of thought on selecting actually working mods that don't make the game lag. Just come play and you'll see what Atlantis is all about! [/i]

You can join now by clicking here:

Or by writing to your rust console (press F1 to open console in game menu):
[b]client.connect suomi3.net9.fi:27114[/b]

Or search in Rust's modded servers tab - Atlantis 10x

Wipe schedule is every month first Thursday.

[b]List of relevant mods:[/b]
- Custom maps (by Keirox)
- Minimap (LustyMap)
- Huge pack of skins for free
- ZLevels Remastered
- PVE Maze events to get rewards with your friends or without them.
- Raidable bases
- Loot+
- Pets
- BGrade (upgrade bases easily)
- Blueprint share (team)
- Zombie hordes (don't worry they will not lag the server but they may eat your BRAINS!)
- Backpacks (with ui button)
- Clans (5 players)
- Autolocks
- BradleyControl
- Home and teleports
- Random skins
- Over 20 000 skins
- Furnace splitter
- Shop (/s)
- Vehicle licenses (claim and spawn)
- Better chat, loot, elevator and turrets
- Copters with turret, box and better control
- Remove
- Tides
- Autodoors
- Kits

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