WildLands PVE-PVP-CustomMap-Monthly Wipe
Rank 2190
Game Rust
Status Offline
Website http://wildlands.epizy.com/
Discord Click to join
Players 0
Votes 0
All-time Votes 41
Uptime 0%
Last Check Auto server checking is disabled. Server has been offline for over a month. Server owner must manually enable!
Country Romania
Types ModdedPluginsEventsVote RewardsBetter Loot
Owner Ashanty
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Check out this PVE Server with PVP Zones. We have a little bit of everything for everyone whether you're a PVP Monster, PVE Farmer, or a RP Wizard. We have something for everyone.
- Monthly Wipe at Forces - Purge at End of Wipe.
- Auto Decay.
- Raid Protection for 36 Hours.
- Custom AI at all Monuments, and Special Guard Leader.
- Friends List and Clans.
- Gathering Levels for Incremental Gathering.
- Increased Stack Size.
- Quests for Server Rewards.
- Active Admins to Resolve Issues.

The server has been optimized with Numerous Plugins.
- Custom Loot Tables.
- Set Homes, Teleports, and Special Town.
- Backpacks and Banks.
- Recyclers.
- Quarrys with Quarry Locks.
- Fishing, Skinbox, License and Much More.

Our Rules are set to provide a Fun Enviroment.
- This is a International Server, but keep English Only in CHAT!.
- Absolutely No Racism, Sexism, Trolling, Players/Staff Disrespect or Hate Speech.
- Voice or Chat spamming will result in Mutes.
- Scripts, Cheats, Use of Exploits or Bots will result in a Permanent Ban.
- Griefing other players is Prohibited

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