Ark: Survival Evolved Genesis Servers

Total 652 Servers

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(WNG) 5x PvE UK Cluster - Genesis

(WNG) 5x PvE UK Cluster - Genesis Banner

Map: Genesis

WickedNinjaGames Presents ARK: Survival Evolved For detailed information on our servers and settings please check out our website here:

0/40 PvEModdedBalancedCommunitySurvival

LittleNERD Genesis PVE/Allx10/SS/Shop

LittleNERD Genesis PVE/Allx10/SS/Shop Banner

Map: Genesis

● Unofficial ARK PvE Cluster Servers ● Steam (PC) ● Singapore ● No Wipe ● Cluster start at Year 2020 ● QoL mods ● All rates x10 ● Custom ARK Shop ● Vote Rewards

1/70 ModdedPvEDedicatedLag FreeCommunity

MAS 100x [GEN][Crossplay] 6 Man/Plugins

MAS 100x [GEN][Crossplay] 6 Man/Plugins Banner

Map: Genesis
1/70 Vote RewardsPvPDedicatedLag FreeFun

ARK The LivePVE x5,S+/Cluster/Stacks

ARK The LivePVE x5,S+/Cluster/Stacks Banner

Map: Genesis
0/70 PvEModded

ArkTheLivePVEx3 DinoX5 Epic/Steam/Cluste

ArkTheLivePVEx3 DinoX5 Epic/Steam/Cluste Banner

Map: Genesis
0/70 PvEVanilla

Genesis: Part 1

Genesis: Part 1 Banner

Map: Genesis
1/70 CommunityPvEModdedCrosshairSurvival

Nastrond [Yggdrasil Cluster] x3 GEN PT1

Nastrond [Yggdrasil Cluster] x3 GEN PT1 Banner

Map: Genesis
0/100 Vote RewardsPvECrosshairLag FreeCommunity


[REAPER]Genesis Banner

Map: Genesis
0/50 Vote RewardsModdedPvECrosshairDedicated
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