Rusty Rats 2x Monthly
Rank 147
Game Rust
Status Online
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Players 104/200
Votes 0
All-time Votes 98
Uptime 100%
Last Check 3 minute(s) ago
Country Canada
Types Active AdminsVanillaPvPEssentialsFriendly
Owner RustyRats
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We're a multi-server rust community that provides the ultimate near-vanilla Rust experience with all the QOL. We provide a clean, fun and fair Rust experience for everyone. Every server we operate is closely monitored for rule breakers (especially cheaters) and our staff team will act swiftly to remove such people. The Rusty Rats staff team stands against wrongful behavior, our rules are strictly enforced and we will always do what is right so that your in-game experience is protected and remains positive. You can rely on us and you will not be disappointed.

Additional Features:
- VIP - Redeem VIP at no cost by using points earned from your playtime
- Some minicopters and boats will spawn
- Extra recyclers at places like Dome, Oil Rig, Ranches and Fishing Villages
- Drone marketplaces can be found at all Fishing Villages and Ranches
- Bandit Camp is merged into outpost for better FPS performance
- 50% Upkeep

Mods Include:
- 2x Resources, 1.2x Sulfur/2x Components with junk removed
- 2x Smelt, Recycling, and Stack Sizes
- Furnace Splitter
- Sign Artist
- Premium SkinBox
- Short Nights
- Box Sorter

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