Cataclysm PVE 1 - Modded
Rank 905
Game Rust
Status Offline
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Players 0
Votes 0
All-time Votes 2
Uptime 0%
Last Check Auto server checking is disabled. Server has been offline for over a month. Server owner must manually enable!
Country United States
Types FriendlyPVEEventsKitsModded
Owner zero.g13
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Soldiers spawn at monuments and drop weapons and loot. Get started fast with kits and RP, then risk it all in RUST.

Custom maps (rotated out monthly) and monuments including Lost Factory, Cobalt Headquarters, Giant Mech Spider, roadside labs and underground bunkers, Fort Knox and a crashed alien ship. Eden Falls, Stellarium, Oasis and Last Train to name a few, plus our own personal collection.


Dedicated, 32GB Ram, SSD, backups every 10 minutes.
Located US EAST
Wipes First Thursday of every month, then map wipe approximately every 14 days. Mid month wipe keeps RP, BP and Skills, all structures are reset with map. Use /info in game for exact times/dates.

PVE except on purge day
Defendable Bases
Virtual Quarries
Water Patrol
Sputnik Space events
Multiple Bradley spawns at monuments
Bradley APC calls in backup upon death.
Mercenary Bots ready to kill | good source of weapons/loot
Home and Teleports [ /outpost /bandit /town ]
Raidable Bases from EASY to NIGHTMARE
Easy Vote - Vote and receive Airdrops and ZLevels
Dangerous Treasures Loot
Collect Points from doing basic tasks to purchase from shop
Call up to 3 Patrol Helis with loot locked to your team
Skins (all official skins availalbe, request custom skins in Discord)
Zlevels Remastered - replaced with /skills
Increased Stack Sizes 10x
Lockable Vehicles / No decay on claimed vehicles

No Racism or Hate Speech, will result in bans.

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