CarbonRust 3x PvE Monthly
Rank 904
Game Rust
Status Offline
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All-time Votes 1
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Country United States
Types 3xPVESkinsEventsEconomy
Owner CarbonRust
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Welcome to the UNOFFICIAL Rust Servers! This server is not run by the development team, but rather another team that has taken the time and money to host and maintain the server.

> What is Carbon?

Carbon is a robust self-updating framework designed with performance and stability in mind. It has complete backward compatibility with all Oxide plugins and uses the latest C# and Harmony libraries to give developers the tools to let their creativity flourish! Check out more information at

> Server Specific Information

- 3x Gather Rates (2.8x Sulfer & Wood, 2x Stones)
- 3x Loot! No trash loot in barrels
- Increased Smelting and Crafting Speeds
- Veteran Queue Skip
- Shorter Nights
- Recyclers at All Major Monuments
- Custom AI

Plugins: Convoy, Raidable Bases, Armored Train, Cargo Plane Crash Event, Skinbox, Kits, Personal Recycler, and More!

Join our Discord to stay up to date with all the CarbonRust Servers Information! Click on the visit website button below to join!

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