[US] Knights Rust 2x Biweekly Max 6 Shar
Rank 2382
Game Rust
Status Offline
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Country United States
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Owner Charismata
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Welcome to Knights Rust a 2x Max 6 Shared BPs Modded Server
We are currently running a Duo tournament until Wipe to get feedback on tweaking the server if interested you can join the server for more information.

We are currently hosting a Duo tournament event to test the server before normal launch

The server will feature kits to help get started and also kits you can buy with shop points you receive from actively playing along with some items and commands you can buy access too.

Mods on the server include Better loot, auto auth, auto doors, base wide workbench, random crate drop locations, clans, half craft, markets at most safe zones, true Sam site authorization (no more you getting killed by your own Sams) 2x smelting and recycling, a guarded locked crate event and some immersive mods like actual lights at light house, realistic explosions(moves items on the floor around) the original wounded screams, torches that actually provide warmth and some other random mods.

I'm looking to make a fun and different server one that will actually hold pop and hold a decent community so I'm looking for real players to try it out and provide feedback so I can adjust the server accordingly.

If interested, you can join the discord which contains the server connect information and a place to provide feedback and vote in polls I will be holding. Thank you.


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