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Banditland.EU 2X PVE Only Monthly
Rank 797
Game Rust
Status Offline
Discord Click to join
Players 0
Votes 0
All-time Votes 1
Uptime 0%
Last Check 2 minute(s) ago
Country Netherlands
Types PVEActive Admins2xEventsKits
Owner banditland

This server comes with:

➤ In-game item shop
➤ Skinbox
➤ SkillTree
➤ Kits
➤ Battle Pass system
➤ Ranking system
➤ Ganja
➤ Alcohol Farm
➤ Call personal patrol helicopter
➤ Daily claimable kits
➤ Raid protection
➤ NPC Raiders (raidme)
➤ Abandoned Bases
➤ Low decay & upkeep (3x lower)
➤ Extra backpack
➤ Increased Gather/Loot/Smelt speed
➤ Increased stack size components
➤ 5X Increased stack size resources
➤ Custom map
➤ Custom monuments
➤ Custom server events
➤ Raidable NPC bases
➤ Player bots and scarecrows roaming around
➤ Anti-Cheat software
➤ Support team
➤ Active admins and moderators
➤ Friendly and helpful community

Server rules:

➤ No cheating/hacking/exploiting.
➤ No racism, political discussions or other world problems.
➤ No VAC / Game bans under 365 days.
➤ All languages and nationalities allowed
➤ VPN/Proxies not allowed (contact if needed).
➤ Don't take advantage of possible map bugs

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