Perilous Island
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Welcome to Perilous Island, A hostile environment where every turn is a challenge. Natives seek revenge on new survivors, and guards protect the important areas of the island. Even the nights make surviving a bit more challenging.

Player Base raids and protection!
Login Often to keep your base safe!
PvE In all parts except Monuments
Skills Based System To Level Gameplay
RP and Economics Earned Just By Playing
Prog maps and custom maps!
Custom Boss at monuments. Hard To Kill But Good Loot
Custom Events and Mini Events

The Monuments Are Tier Leveled
Tier 3 Monuments are the most challenging and are PvP. Some Have guards.
Tier 2 Monuments are challenging and are PvP.
Tier 1 Monuments are overrun by natives and will rush survivors.
Custom Helicopters that will challenge even avid chads.
Custom Bradley - Watch for driver and gunners.
PvP at large oil and Cargo to keep you on your toes.
PvE is island wide except raidable bases, 1v1 arenas, and Player raidable bases.
Check /info for all available information.
Learn Skills to expand your character ingame.

Key Features:
Custom AI
Multiple Mini Events
1v1 or Team Arena Matches
Vanilla+ Loot
Vehicle Licence
Personal Recycler
Furnace Splitter and Quick Smel (learn the skills)
Clans and Clans UI
Island Based Raidable Bases
Personal Weather & Time
Active Admins, Community Friendly

Featured Plugins: Skills, Custom stack, RP and Economics, Clans, Clans UI, Teams UI, Shop, custom bots, Furnace Spliter, Quick Smelt, recycler