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Welcome to The Void Territories!

We're a mature, non-toxic, noob friendly server with no P2W - part roaming in The Void / part Friendly Village Zone residents chilling

Join us on Discord!

BP are wiped on the 1st Thursday of the month

Max group 3

Custom PvE events running!

1/2 upkeep, 1/2 vehicle decay near TC, 72h upkeep grief protect, 30m corpse despawn, plus loads of QOL tweaks and plugins (join Discord to learn more) including Custom Furnace Splitter, Sign Artist, Claimable Skins, Discord integration, and much more

Our rules are simple with a 3 strike rule: Warn, 24h ban, Perm ban

You're required to read and understand the rules. If you don't follow them, you may be banned without warning. If you have any questions or concerns, contact an admin

1. Don't be a dick. We don't tolerate jerks, hatred, or harassment of any kind
2. No takeover/lockout of a player's primary base
3. Respect each other & RP bases
4. No walling off to prevent access to monuments
5. No external traps / turrets close to roads
6. No excessive raiding of smaller bases by groups
7. No loot despawn during raids
8. Door camping limited to 30 minutes unless actively raiding
9. FV members don't initiate PVP, raid, or counter world events. They may defend themselves
10. English language only

For a detailed look at our story and our rules, please visit our website