The Kingdom PVE
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Welcome to The Kingdom! This is a PVE server with PVP raid bases, a PVP Arena & a Purge Event which takes place 24 hours before wipe where the whole map is PVP!

The year is 3037 and the world has been ravaged by nuclear war. Out of the smoke clouds came a virus that re-annimates the dead. Everyone has this virus, and when they die, they come back as something else.

We are survivors rebuilding with what we have whilst the corporation and their scientists try to claim everything that's left and use us in their experiments to try and cure the virus.

Together we fight the harsh environment, the hoardes of zombies, and the scientists to survive. We fight back against the corporation by raiding the scientist bases and taking what we can carry.

The Kingdom and its castle are a sign of the old world we had, and the new world we want to rebuild.

Server Location: USA

Wipe Cycle: Bi-weekly Thursday 3pm EST. Maps, backpacks Zlevels & Squire Knight & VIP roles wipe every 2 weeks. The map is changed and blueprints are wiped monthly. Paid roles (Squire Gold/Knight Gold/VIP Gold) will not be removed on wipe and last for 1 month after purchase. RP does not wipe.

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*Friendly moddded server with active admins and Staff*