[US] RustyForest 10x(US|BPS|Loot+|Kits|6
Rank 1658
Game Rust
Status Offline
Website https://therustyforest.com
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All-time Votes 9
Uptime 2.4%
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Country United States
Types KitsClansPlugins10x GatherModded
Owner carlospcmr
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Wipes are every Thursday at 6PM EST
· Low tier & useful blueprints unlocked (Wipe Monthly)
· Kits disabled until 4 hours after wipe
· 75 min days 15 min Bright nights
· Custom plugins and settings to ensure a good time

Server Info
Our server is hosted in Texas and features a Friendly yet banter-full community, No-Lag, active owners and admin that DO NOT play, T1 BPs always unlocked, BP resets on force wipe. 1 pvp kit for all players, two vip ranks only have building mats & some components. Barrels are only components.

With over 50 plugins customized by hand to ensure the best experience possible, we keep everything up-to-date and functioning at its peak to make sure everyone has a flawless experience, some of our most desirable being:

Fully Customized loot ✵ Clans ✵ Auto Share ✵ Teleporting/Homes ✵ Bgrades ✵ Backpacks ✵ Player Leaderboards ✵ Insta-craft/Fast Smelt ✵ HitIcons/Killfeed ✵ No Heat/Cold/Wet ✵ Recyclers on Dome/Oil/Cargo ✵ AND PLENTY MORE QoL plugins