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[US]Rust Nation

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Gathering rates start at vanilla values and can be increased using skills to upgrade diffrent player abilities allowing you to tailor your game style to your liking!

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[US]|HELL NATION|1000000000000X|Shop|Kit

[US]|HELL NATION|1000000000000X|Shop|Kit Banner

HELL NATIONS BILLION X SERVER ☠︎Welcome to our heavily modded servers in the modded section☠︎ *We have over 200 Plugins for the best PVP and Base building experience!*

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atmos 10X

atmos 10X Banner

Weekly wipes Maximum team size of 16 No BP Instant craftin -game leaderboard 10x gather rates, Fast Respawn Handmade LootTable Skinbox & Buidling skin Free Exciting in-game events for added fun Check out our discord at

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down to earth

down to earth  Banner

custom map lots of plug ins 5 min nights no blue prints no work bench's recycle almost anything try it

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no days off

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No days off if a pvp/pve server with alot of plugins to enjoy!

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